How to Buy a House in Harrisburg PA – Step 5 – Know Your Property Taxes

How to Buy a House in Harrisburg PA – Step 5 –  Know Your Property Taxes  Taxes in Central Pennsylvania fall into two categories. If you want to know how to buy a house, an important step is learning about property taxes.

How to Buy a House… Know your Income Taxes

Pennsylvania is unique in that you must pay Federal, State, and Local Income Tax.  Federal Income tax is variable.  State Income tax is equal to 2% of your salary and the local income tax is between 1% and 2% of your salary.  You will need to file three separate tax returns, annually.

How to Buy a House - Know Your Property Taxes

How to Buy a House…Be Aware of the Occupational Privilege Tax (Derry Township)

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors approved replacing the township’s $10 occupational privilege tax with a Local Services Tax (LST) and increasing the tax rate to the annual maximum of $52 effective January 1, 2009.  The new tax is applicable to all employees who work in Derry Township. 

How to Buy a House…Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes are assessed only if property is owned in a township.  A tenant who rents an apartment or home does not pay Real Estate Tax.

How to Buy a House…Personal/Occupation Taxes

The Personal/Occupation Tax is levied in many, but not all, townships or boroughs in Pennsylvania.  All individuals residing in the respective townships are required to pay the Personal Tax.  The Personal Tax is not determined by where the individual is employed.

Examples of Personal/Occupation Taxes in some communities:

County – Township Personal/Occupation Tax Per Year
Dauphin County
Conewago Township $265
Derry Township (Hershey) $450 ($200 paid in Spring, $250 paid in Fall)
East Hanover Township $265
Harrisburg City Variable (approximately $250)
Hummelstown Borough $310
Lower Paxton Township $265
Middletown $295
South Hanover Township $265
Swatara Township $265
Lebanon County:
Palmyra Borough $10
Annville Borough $300
Lebanon $10
North Londonderry $10
Lancaster County:
Elizabethtown $0

Harrisburg PA Real Estate Expert

Ken Huebsch is your premier real estate agent in the Greater Harrisburg area.  I am a specialist in Harrisburg real estate  as well as the communities of Palmyra, Hershey, and Hummelstown.  My wife Leslye and I have 40 plus years of experience serving our clients -We KNOW Harrisburg. When you plan to buy or sell Harrisburg area real estate, allow us to work for you.  We are dedicated professionals and are here for your success.  For more information on how we can best serve your real estate needs, please complete our online contact form or give us a call.  Also, check out what our fabulous clients have to say about us on our testimonials page!

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