How To Buy a House in Harrisburg PA – Make Your Offer Stand Out!

How To Buy a House in Harrisburg PA –  Make Your Offer Stand Out!  Real estate consumers are realizing that there has rarely been a better time to buy a house. In fact, historically low mortgage rates coupled with lower home prices have even sparked bidding competition in markets around the country.

A good home in a solid location may attract ample attention only hours after being listed. Home buyers: do you want to know how to buy a house? Make your offers stand out from the rest through one or more of the following strategies:

How to Buy a House

Pick My Offer!


Price. Obviously, price tends to be the primary consideration for sellers. When you’re competing with another buyer to buy a house, to get an edge, think about adding an escalation clause stating that you will beat the highest offer by “x” dollars up to “x” amount. Cash offers can be more attractive to sellers as well. Although sellers will receive their money at closing whether buyers pay with cash or take out a loan, cash offers don’t require lender approval. This is the first step in learning how to buy a house: you must offer a price that’s right-on.

Financing.  The next step in how to buy a house is to get a Pre-Approval. It’s not enough to be pre-qualified. Pre-qualification only tells how much you can afford. Pre-approval goes a step further. Your lender will thoroughly evaluate your application—including verifying employment information and financial disposition—then clear you for a loan of a determined amount. Having your loan pre-approved gives you a sizeable advantage by putting you on equal footing with cash buyers.

Good Faith Deposit. If you want to know another secret about how to buy a house, you should offer a larger-than-customary amount of “earnest money,” a deposit that accompanies an offer. This will get a seller’s attention. By committing more money up front, buyers demonstrate greater sincerity and motivation to close the transaction; thus helping to make your offer stand out! I can guide you as to the appropriate sum for your specific transaction.

Contingencies. A huge step in learning how to buy a house – and making your offer stand out – is to come in with the least amount of contingencies possible. Consider minimizing contingencies, those clauses that allow buyers to back out of a contract if certain conditions are not met. For example, it’s common for buyers to make the purchase contingent upon their securing satisfactory financing. Obviously, offers with the fewest conditions tend to be more attractive to sellers.

From a contingency standpoint, first-time buyers are often better prospects for a seller’s home than move-up buyers. That’s because first-time buyers’ offers are not contingent upon the sale of a present home. Even if a move-up buyer has an offer in hand, that buyer’s offer may be contingent on another contingency, and so on down the line. If one transaction derails, they all might.

Work with me to buy your dream home or investment property. My skill and expertise will help you make sound real estate decisions today or any other time.  I will show you step-by-step how to buy a house, and how to make your offer stand out – and be the one the Seller most wants to accept! Don’t let the most important transaction of your life in the hands of someone less experienced!Contact me today at 717 514-1793, or 


Harrisburg PA Real Estate Expert

Ken Huebsch is your premier real estate agent in the Greater Harrisburg area.  I am a specialist in Harrisburg real estate  as well as the communities of Palmyra, Hershey, and Hummelstown.  My wife Leslye and I have 40 plus years of experience serving our clients -We KNOW Harrisburg. When you plan to buy or sell Harrisburg area real estate, allow us to work for you.  We are dedicated professionals and are here for your success.  For more information on how we can best serve your real estate needs, please complete our online contact form or give us a call.  Also, check out what our fabulous clients have to say about us on our testimonials page!

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