Selling a House in Harrisburg PA: Seeing the Light

Selling a House in Harrisburg PA: Seeing the Light

            Most homeowners claim to be eco-friendly and want to help the environment, yet they worry that when confronted with selling a house, making changes in their home will be costly or inconsequential. This is especially true for someone who is in the process of selling a house and doesn’t want to make any substantial changes to a place they hope to be leaving soon.

            However, making-energy efficient home improvements doesn’t have to mean sweeping changes and, by creating a better carbon footprint for your house, you will attract green-conscious homebuyers.

            Recent studies have reported that 80% of homebuyers identify energy savings and comfortable surroundings as key factors when deciding between listings; so more agents today, when selling a house, are working with home sellers on innovative energy, environmental and ecological approaches, and opportunities.

Selling a House with LED Lighting

            Having an impact on selling a house can be easy! One simple and easy change concerns the lighting in your house. Today’s green lighting isn’t limited to the fluorescent light bulbs to which most people have quickly adapted. There are plenty of other options including LED gaining in popularity as a viable and affordable home-lighting source.

            LED is an energy-efficient, semi-conducting light source that started growing in popularity in 2007. In the past, LED lighting appeared as unattractive blue hues but today’s LED lighting offers the same bright white output as incandescent lighting. Plus there is an affordable price tag to go with it and people understand the value of it. Selling a house does not have to entail high-priced preparations!

            LED lighting can also be used in some areas of the home that will better showcase features when one looks around. From track lighting over the fireplace to under-counter cabinet lighting to can lighting in the hall, LED fixtures can cast dramatic light on your home’s best features – a low-cost expenditure when selling a house!

            There are plenty of other benefits as well. LED lighting uses 75% less electricity than the standard incandescent light bulbs, and LED bulbs last 50 times longer than standard bulbs, saving you money.

            Energy-efficient lighting should also be used in exterior locals of the home, such as around any deck, pool, patio or garden. These low-energy emitting lights are perfect complements to any outdoor features you want to show off.

Selling a House with LED Lighting

            Of course, once someone buys a home, they can just make the changes themselves, but a savvy real estate agent will tell you that a homebuyer that when selling a house, buyers will judge your eco-friendly actions in a positive light and may be more inclined to deal with you.

            Taking advantage of these modern lights will not only let you help the environment, but it may benefit your pocketbook as well.

Selling a House in Harrisburg PA: Seeing the Light… A great way to improve your home and heighten your chances of a quick sale. Contact me for more Selling Tips. Selling a house does not have to be intimidating! 717 514-1793, 0r


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