Moving With Kids Does Not HaveTo Be A Struggle

Moving With Kids Does Not HaveTo Be A Struggle  


Summer is the busiest home moving time of the year, as families try to get settled before the start of the new school year.  Many thousands of kids move each year.  Scared, excited, angry — are just a few of the feelings kids have about moving. Moving isn’t easy for anyone, even for adults. And while moving can be a time for some great new things — like your own room or a new place to explore — it can also be a time that’s sad and stressful, too. 

Carefully preparing children for the move will ease the transition and make the process smoother for the entire family.  Here are some ways to make a move a little easier.

Maintain an open dialogue with the children about the decision to move. Engage them at the beginning of the process to give them time to get used to the idea. Explain why you must move and answer questions truthfully.

Here are some helpful questions to begin the conversation:

How do you feel about moving to a new area?                    
What are you going to miss most about our current home?
What are you looking forward to at the new house?


Listening to your kids’ concerns is equally important. Pay close attention to statements so you can alleviate any fears.  Avoid being dismissive of any social concerns; acknowledge them and remind the kids about the new opportunities ahead.

Check Things Out
Involve your children in exploring the new area.  They will feel less nervous when they know what to expect, and second, they may start getting a little excited about the new place you’re headed to.

Take them to see the new home.  Exploring the inside would be ideal, however if you are unable to show them the inside at least drive by and explore the outside and the neighborhood.  This will gives them a chance to think about how they want your room to look. And they may be able to run into kids who live on the street.

Stop by their new school.  It is another important place to visit.  Call the school and ask for a tour so they will know what it looks like inside.  If they are into band, sports, or other clubs, it will give them the opportunity to ask which activities are offered at the new school.

If you’re moving far away to another part of the country, or even a different part of the world, you’ll need to check things out in a different way. You can do an Internet search and find out about your new town. You also can visit your library and check for books on that city or state.


Pack It Up

Before you move, your house will probably be full of chaos and boxes. Have the kids pack a special box of their favorite stuff – stuff they will want to have as soon as you get there. This can include personal items, such as stuffed animals, photos, and other stuff that will make them feel at home. It’s also a wise idea to include stuff they’ll need the first night, such as sheets for their bed, a pillow, pajamas, toothbrush, and other must-haves. Mark this box with their name on it, so they can get it as soon as it comes off the truck.

Once they taken care of their most precious stuff, have them help with other moving tasks.

Another suggestion would be to pack up the kids’ rooms last to minimize the feeling of any disruption.  The longer they feel secure in their own rooms, the easier the transition will be.  Then, set up their bedroom first so they feel like they’re back in familiar surroundings.

Preparing for Goodbye
It’s sad to say goodbye to friends, family, and neighbors. Have them make it less sad if by grabbing an address book (or just a plain notebook) ahead of time and have everyone write down his or her address, phone number, and email address. You can also get them a big blank book so they can ask their friends to fill it with messages.

Have them take lots of pictures or videos of their friends, favorite places, and neighborhood. They can even put together a scrapbook or shoebox full of things that remind them of Their hometown and all their friends.

Moving Day
When moving day finally comes, let them know that it’s OK to feel sad.  Let them know what do your going to do when they get there?

Have them start with unpacking the special box of favorite stuff. That will help them feel more at home.

Arrange for special treats to be waiting for everyone at the new house.  New games or new cuddly friends will keep the kids busy during the unpacking and make the first memory of the new house a pleasant one!


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