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The Real Estate Market in Harrisburg PA: The New Normal…

The Real Estate Market in Harrisburg PA: The New Normal…


The real estate market conditions in the greater Harrisburg – Hershey area have been a bit confusing over the past six months. Depending on the day, you may see one report that shows the market going up and another that shows the market is heading down. I can imagine you are sitting back wishing we could all get our stories to line up together.

I want to share some important information about the real estate market that I think is misunderstood by the consumer as well as the real estate agents themselves.

Let me start off with some basic facts:

– The market remains to be very active

– Real Estate prices have stabilized

– Average Days on Market is still reasonable

Additional information you will find interesting:

– We have seen a “steady” trend in the amount of monthly sales transactions over the last 6 months. Values are not increasing to speak of; yet they are no longer decreasing.

– We have seen interest rates increase slightly on people with less than perfect credit.

– We are seeing a slow-down in new construction sales

– We are noticing builder discounts and incentives being advertised to get rid of standing inventory.
So, what is really happening in our market?

This is the question that everyone is asking yet very few people want to answer. The answer is not a simple statement. The answer requires a much longer explanation than you would care to read in this email. I have answered these questions dozens of times for my clients and I am happy to answer your questions as well. I can share in detail what I see and why this may be the ‘New Normal’.


If there is anything else that I can do for you, please let me know. I will continue to be your South Central PA Real Estate Resource. I know you have the choice to work with thousands of real estate agents yet I am the ONE Agent that is trying to keep you informed about your business. Let me know what I can do help you.


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